Meet Gloria Banman, our newest writer!

Written by Glorai Banmna.

Hello and welcome!

My name is Gloria and I am a newbie in blogging and crafting. Since I am a newbie in blogging, I hope you will give my articles a chance and not give up on me too soon.  I want to make my articles fun and interesting and you could help me by sending advice on what you like and what you think I should change. 

I want to take a journey in arts and crafts. I want to share my journey with you. So, I hope you will stick around, join in, and enjoy this journey with me. 

Now… let me start my journey with where it all started.  It started in December. My dream started before December, but it started becoming reality in December with a Christmas gift. Want to know what it was and who supported my dream with that gift? My husband! He supports my dream and the special gift came from him. I received a CRICUT MAKER for Christmas!! 

For several years I had been watching videos based on crafts made by the Cricut Maker. I watched video after video dreaming of what it would be like to have a machine like that and be able to make such beautiful things like the ones I saw in the videos.  My husband knew how much I wanted that machine. He didn’t quite understand why I wanted it or what I wanted, but he, being as wonderful as he is, tried to put himself in my shoes. He told me later that he knew what it was like to want something and not get it because he was putting his priorities into something else. So, he surprised me by buying the machine so that I could start making things instead of just dreaming while watching others make pretty things.

So now that I have the machine, I have been searching the web for SVG files to make things. Whenever I find something worthwhile, I’ll write down the address or if I can download it, I will, and save it all for the right time to use it. You should see my folders loaded with goodies.

One day, while searching the internet, I came upon a lovely website that is going to help me take another step on my journey.  The website I found was LOVESVG.  An amazing website if I do say so myself. They have awesome bundles with files in several formats that can be used for crafts. If you sign up to their website, you get 2 free svg files daily, and if you become a member, you get even more benefits.  Besides that, the bundles that are available can be bought at a good price. I will be using a few of their files for this first article and 3rd step in my journey. I am really excited about that.

For 6 months now, I have been looking at my machine, wondering when I would have time and have the courage to start. I have been busy with many things, and if you are like me, and if you are a little timid when starting something new, excuses are made very easily. And oh how time flies when you make excuses and say, “maybe tomorrow”. Well, no more “maybe tomorrow”. Today is the day.

I will show you my crafts area.

A small area and not arranged completely yet, but I am okay with what I have.  I have a CRICUT MAKER, a very nice new CANON Pro-200 printer in case I want to print stickers or something else, and some basic tools and vinyl and blanks that I want to use in my projects.  I will not show you my tools nor my vinyl just yet, because I would have to show you some clutter.  I still need to figure out how I will arrange everything. In time I will also show you more things as I go along and organize everything.

Now to my project.  I will be using 3 svg files from a bundle I found on LOVESVG. They are quotes that would be very nice on different blanks, and I am thinking I will start with something simple. It is my first project after all. I will try to make 3 keychains and on each keychain, I will put on one of the 3 quotes I chose for my project. 

These are the svg files I chose.

What do you think?  Very nice quotes, right?  Fitting for my first project? I can’t wait to see the outcome.

And then there are the blanks:  3 rectangle vinyl blanks, size 3×7 cm.  I got them on Amazon a while ago and saved them for a project like this one.

I am thinking.  Should we leave the making of the keychains for the next article? In this article, I have introduced myself. I have shared with you what my articles are supposed to be about, which is my journey in arts and crafts. I have told you a little about my craft space and that a lot is needed yet. And finally, I also told you what my first project would be. 

Since this is my first time writing a blog, I do not know what you expect. I would really appreciate your opinions when you visit my article. Would you mind telling me what I did well and what I need to change? I would appreciate suggestions from you. I am here starting a journey and am willing to learn and to improve.

So, my final words in this article shall be a thank you. Thank you to you, dear reader, for taking the time to read what I wrote. I hope you will be back to read my next article and continue to join me on this journey. And… Thank you to LoveSVG for the beautiful files that I will be able to use for my first project. This is just the beginning of exploring the bundles and the files on your site. It will be like digging for treasure and finding a cave with many tunnels to explore. So many that it will take a long time to explore them all.

Here I shall say until next time. And next time I will show you how my first project went.

🏵 GBKcrafts

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