Whatever the design, whether you need an outstanding font for a logo or some fun fonts for an upcoming party, we have it. With hundreds of typefaces, you’ve come to the right place to buy fonts. Browse our font collection to pick your favourite typefaces today. If you’re looking for more options, check out our popular collection: Premium & Free SVG files | Free SVG Cut Files | Free Sublimation Designs  | SVG Bundles


How much does buying a font cost? 

The most common price range for professional fonts is $20–$30. However, at LoveSVG, our professional fonts are a fraction of that price, ranging from $1–$7. 

Is it worth it to buy fonts? 

Yes, it is definitely worth it because buying fonts usually includes the entire alphabet, as well as symbols and sometimes glyphs. Also, you’ll be able to use your purchased fonts for multiple projects and stand out using uncommon fonts. 

Why are fonts so important? 

Here’s why you should consider the fonts you use: 

  • They communicate the type of information you want to share. 
  • Fonts can add value to your text and help attract your audience.
  • Typography can help hold your audience’s attention. 
  • Fonts can be used to convey a mood, emotion or feeling. 
  • Fonts can be used to establish information hierarchy. 
  • They can help provide continuity to your design. 
  • The correct font can help create a sense of professionalism. 
  • Fonts play a part in brand recognition. 

Where can I buy and download fonts? 

 at offers a range of fonts at extremely affordable prices. All you need is to download them for personal or commercial use. 

How to buy fonts? 

Fonts from LoveSVG can be purchased directly from their site by just adding your selected fonts to the cart, proceeding to check out, and paying via your payment method of choice. Upon purchase, go to ‘Downloads.’ Click on the download button beside the bundle you want to download.

What happens if you use a font illegally? 

If you’re caught using fonts illegally, you may be held civilly responsible. This may lead to a copyright lawsuit. Additionally, if you’ve used it for a client’s design or commercially, your client is at risk too, as he or she might also be sued. 

Are these fonts compatible with Circut?

Yes, at LoveSVG, most of our fonts are compatible with Cricut, Silhouette, SCAL, and Scan N Cut. Additionally, their thickness makes them an ideal font for making cut files.

Do your fonts come with a commercial licence? 

Yes. Many of our fonts come with complete commercial licence. You may click on the font of your choice to read details regarding it.

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